Jumping or donkey riding? Rally or bum cart? Tennis or Jokari? Golf, mini golf or crocket? Surfing, rowing or bobbing? Tourists on the coast have time to play sports… and play. In fact, tourist sports largely determined what our seaside towns were going to look like. On the sports grounds, great performances were performed, while on the beach, play mirrored sport. This amusing exhibition plays with that game and that sport, which have been imitating each other here for more than a century now.

Discover what a cob slipper is, connect the right balls to the right bat, marvel at the history of golf, tennis and equestrian sports and at what good winds blew the surfboards to our beaches. Get to know the lawnmowers and caddies, the ball-raisers and find out what those ladies with their long skirts were doing among the ships on the beach.

A look on, off and behind the pitch, where sport mirrored the game (and vice versa). And where a city curved around its sports fields.


26 juni 2022 - 8 januari 2023 Closed on Monday and Tuesday unless Schoolholidays 10 - 17 uur

Address Knokke-Heist ( Roadmap )