A new season is upon us, we are allowed a little more, the outdoors is still recommended and if something can be done about our immune system, it is still a must…
So Surfers Paradise still organises the classic opener: the annual Easter Plunge!
Participation is completely free and all polar bears are expected on Sunday 3 April at 11.30am sharp.
Don’t come too late because with a water temperature of 6 degrees Celsius this is an intense but rather short happening!
What is recommended is to join the warm-up at 11h on the beach to be able to dive into the salty water while sweating.

Wim Hof breathing session.
If you want something more, you can join a unique Wim Hof Breathing session at 10.30am, led by none other than Bart Raeves, specialist in the field.
In this way, you will enter the water completely zen, full of positive energy and oxygen, and who knows, you might discover many things that your body can handle but that you were not aware of.
To participate in this breathing session it is best to come fully wrapped up, bring a sleeping bag or blanket and a mat to lie on the sand during your exercises.
After such a breathing session, you should be able to control your breathing to the fullest in order to enjoy the experience.

After the dive, of course, you can enjoy a social gathering and a hot drink.
On to a healthy and strong 2022 season !

10am: Opening
10.30: Breathing session
11am: warming up for those who are not participating in the breathing session
11.30am: Easter dive.


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