Coastal Safari

Discover the most beautiful and quiet places on the coast by bike this summer. A coastal guide will lead you past hidden natural gems and tell some impressive stories from the turbulent past of the hinterland. Wide horizons, waving marram grass, flying game and healthy sea air give you a real safari feeling. You always start and end at a nature visitor center.

Of the 30 cycling tours, 6 are also planned in our Zwin region, namely on 21, 22 and 23 July and on 25, 26 and 27 August 2021. From the Zwin Nature Park, the participants depart on the new dyke with the Zwin and the polders in the visor. You cycle to Cadzand with a beautiful view of the Zwin channel and after a small loop through the Dutch dunes back to the Zwin Nature Park.

The entire cycling tour is accompanied by a Zwin guide with special knowledge of the new organization of natural values:

  • Why were mud flats and salt marshes given new and more opportunities?
  • What does this mean for nature?
  • What additional safety do you create against sea level rise?
  • How do you prevent saltwater from entering the polders?

Coastal safari by bike
Practical information
The participants gather at 9.45 am at the visitor center. Participation is FREE, provided you are registered via the following link. It is mandatory to bring your own bicycle. A maximum of 15 participants can register per tour. The minimum age is 12 years. Put on your sporty clothes and bring a thirst quencher and binoculars.

The Coastal Safari is an initiative of the province of West Flanders in collaboration with Westto and the following nature centers: Duinpanne, Het Duinenhuis, RaversydeAtlantikwall, UitkerksePolder, Zwin Nature Park.

An overview of all dates and starting locations can be found at

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