Walk in the woods “The fox in the woods”

Do you want to give your weekly walk with your family a little more imagination during this holiday? The Cultuurcentrum offers you the ideal solution for this! Let yourself be carried away by a hungry fox in search of a delicious meal and enjoy this special trip through the forest of Knokke-Heist! Follow the signposts with your family during your walk around the 6 fragments of the theater story “De Vos … in het Bos!” to experience.

Scan QR codes to discover 6 stories.
You can view the fragments by scanning the QR codes with your smartphone.
The walk is about 2 km long and starts at the General Willemspark. This park is popularly known as ‘het bosje van Heist’. At the entrance of the park in Anemonenlaan there is an information board that guides you in your exciting journey of discovery. The stories together last 30 minutes. The activity runs all holidays.

Directeur Generaal Willemspark Zeedijk-Heist 299, 8300 Knokke-Heist

03/04/ 2021 - 31/08 2021 9:00 -> 19.30

Address Directeur Generaal Willemspark Zeedijk-Heist 299, 8300 Knokke-Heist ( Roadmap )


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